We make it easy to access core knowledge that is the key to smart strategic planning.  It’s the kind of planning that strengthens a family or a business, prepares for the future, and hedges against disaster.  You can access our programs anywhere and at anytime through a computer or any handheld wireless internet access device (iPad, iPhone, etc.).  Learn your way, at your pace, and on your schedule.

Without core knowledge, it’s easy to fail.  Consider the following two simple cases.

Case One:  Sam and Joyce have been married eight years, have two minor children, and work hard every day to build a strong family and a financial future that offers some hope.  They know that they should protect against the unthinkable – an untimely death or disability.   They have many questions and very few answers.  And they really don’t know where to start.

Case Two:  David’s start-up business is kicking in.  It’s time to take it to the next level and bring in a partner.  He too has many questions.  What is the best entity form – a C corporation, an S corporation, or an LLC?  What are the trade-offs, the impacts down the road, and the collateral consequences of this decision?  And what should he do right now to protect himself against the risks of a new partner?

Sam, Joyce and David have the same problem.  They just don’t know enough.  They lack core knowledge.   They can opt for a self-help legal service, pay a few bucks, and fill in some blanks online.  Legal documents will be delivered to their doorstep, but their key questions will remain unanswered.  And they will have no confidence that smart strategic decisions have been made to address their specific objectives in the best way possible.

The alternative is to hire professional help, against the risk that they will just endure more hassles and expense to end up in the same place.  They don’t know enough to spot the phonies – those professionals who suffer from a blind incompetence that precludes anything better than the self-help stuff.

Core knowledge pays off big in these situations.   For those drawn to self-help services, it provides an essential foundation for tackling the planning challenge and compensating for the limitations of their self-help program (they all have them).  For individuals who desire quality professional help, it makes it easy to spot those who know only a smidgen more than the public they seek to serve but who forever perpetuate the illusion of a massive knowledge gap.

But most importantly, core knowledge makes it possible for an individual to actively participate in the planning process and to ensure that smart decisions are made and the job is done right.  And all along the way, the individual’s knowledge base and confidence will continually grow. So for Sam, Joyce, David and many others, the threshold challenge is to obtain relevant, quality core knowledge through the most convenient, easy-to-understand means available.