If you prefer to learn by reading, rather than watching, we’ve got you covered.   We provide optional comprehensive written memorandums with our full-length programs.  Any PlainTalk memorandum may be downloaded to your computer.  If desired, you can print out and mark up your own hard copy.   The memorandums range in length from 18 to 44 pages (single-spaced).

PlainTalk programs are designed to offer an audio-visual learning experience, as if you were in a seminar watching an engaging, robust presentation while you listen to an interesting professional.  For many, this is the best way to digest planning information.  It’s why the seminar business is such a big deal.  But some would prefer to read, and many would like to supplement their audio-visual learning experience with written materials.

There are two types of memorandums.  For the family programs, the memorandums are transcripts of the presentations, with some very slight modifications.  This makes it easy for a person to track the written words as he or she views the program (something many like to do), and it facilitates using a memorandum as a follow-up tool to review specific points.  For our business planning full-length programs, the memorandums are expanded discussions that include footnotes and citations.  The business memorandums are designed to help the reader who wants to dig deeper into the subject matter.

Along with each memorandum, we provide a short, online multiple-choice learning quiz for each full length program.  It’s nothing serious – just a little test to boost the learning experience.   A learning quiz can be taken at anytime and requires only a few minutes.  Correct-answer feedback is instantly provided.  Taking the quiz can be interesting and challenging – even a little fun.  Other family members can take their own shot at the quiz.  Some loathe and fear any kind of test.  This one is different.  It’s for your eyes only.  Nobody will know how you did.  There is no official score or record of your participation.

PlainTalk memorandums are especially helpful for those who use PlainTalk to train employees and associates.  The memorandums may be combined with the video presentations and the online learning quizzes to offer effective, low-cost educational tools that accommodate different learning preferences.


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