Dwight Drake is an experienced professional adviser, business owner, scholar and professor.  For over two decades, he built and managed a successful legal practice that exclusively serviced the planning needs of business owners, executives and professionals.  During this period, Professor Drake served in numerous advisory capacities and became a popular speaker at planning conferences throughout the country.  Later in his career, he became the majority owner and CEO of a successful, fast-growing private business that he built and ultimately sold to a public company.  He joined the faculty of the University of Washington School of Law in 2004.

–  Teaches Antitrust, Business Organizations, Lawyer Business and Financial Literacy, Corporate Taxation, Estate and Gift Taxation, and Business Planning

–  Teaches two Executive Legal Training Courses in the Executive MBA Program at the University of Washington

–  Author of Business Planning: Closely Held Enterprises, 4th Edition (West 2013, 779 pages), which is accompanied by a 264-page Teacher’s Manual

–  Author of Business Organizations in a Planning Context (West 2013, 964 pages), which is accompanied by a 274-page Teacher’s Manual

– Author of Business and Financial Literacy for Law Students (West 2014, 530 pages)

– Author of Business Fundamentals: Essential Concepts All Lawyers Need to Know (West 2014, 176 pages)

–  Author and developer of PlainTalk Planning, an online planning educational service on basic business, personal, and family planning topics

–  Author of over 75 professional certification programs for planning professionals and various articles

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