Last week we celebrated the temporary end of the government shutdown and freedom from another debt ceiling crisis for the next 15 weeks.  But when the dust settled, many of us were a bit shaken, not because of the scare tactics used by both sides, but because we had vividly witnessed just how broken Washington really is and how the need on both sides to pander to voters seems to trump any hope for solutions to the two serious, related problems that now really threaten America’s future:  our out-of-control fiscal mess and our chronic inability to create quality jobs.  Both sides got us into the mess, and it will take both sides, working together, to get us on a track that offers hope for the future.  That’s really the scary part.  What we so badly need now are ideas that will work for all sides, actually bring players together, and attack the root cause of these daunting challenges.  The following short, 14-minute presentation provides one such idea.