Smart planning pays off in today’s world – a world that progressively gets more complicated and less certain. That’s what PlainTalk Planning is all about.  PlainTalk provides understandable, user-friendly, no-cost online presentations on many of the most important planning challenges faced by individuals, families, business owners and executives.  Any program can be easily accessed from a computer or any handheld wireless interent access device (iPad, iPhone, etc.). 

The program menu for individuals and families focuses on life’s most important events and money challenges – marriage, parenthood, retirement, graduation, budgeting, estate planning, taxes, spending, risk-taking, financial planning, and more.

PlainTalk’s broad menu of business planning programs is designed to help key players in a business understand and tackle essential business challenges.  Complicated tax and technical challenges are distilled into objective-focused discussions that everyone can understand. Case studies are used in nearly all business planning programs to illustrate key concepts.  Program topics range from business succession strategies to tips on firing a difficult employee.

PlainTalk’s author is a seasoned planning professional who has had a distinguished career as a planning lawyer, corporate executive, business owner, author, law professor, and educator.  He has a proven ability to make tough subjects understandable.

Full length programs run in excess of one hour. Mini programs range in length from 10 to 40 minutes. Each program can be viewed and studied multiple times and over a period of time. Programs can easily be shared with family members, friends and colleagues.

PlainTalk makes it possible for anyone to absorb and study valuable planning information at anytime. It’s the kind of practical, no-nonsense information that will help you make smarter decisions and tackle important challenges.