PlainTalk offers an option for companies to strengthen their employees.  It’s called “Employer Program Host.”  With this program, employees and their family members may easily access –  from home and at no cost – valuable, plainspoken planning information that they need at keys points in their lives. It’s information that will empower them and their families to make smarter decisions and understand and tackle important planning challenges in a world that progressively gets more complicated and less certain. It’s a unique, effective employee benefit.

How It Works

The company selects the programs that it wants to offer its employees and their families.  The menu of programs available for Employer Program Host is set forth below.  The company is sent a link for each program selected, a password that will access all the selected programs, and simple instructions on how to connect to our host server.  The company then disseminates the password to employees, associates, and their families through any direct communication or password-protected site. Program updates are automatically included.  Employees go directly from the company’s website to the programs and avoid the PlainTalk site, the PlainTalk registration requirement and all advertising.  The company controls which programs are offered and which employees have access to specific programs.  The annual fee is $175 for each program offerred by the company, and it covers up to 1,500 program views times the number of programs selected.

Example One:

Company A has 160 employees. Average employee age is 34, and the great bulk of employees are under age 40. The company offers its employees and their families the following four programs through Employer Program Host:

“Developing a Smart Spending Plan”  –  Running Time: 27 min, 11 sec

“Married – The Lowdown on Money and Marriage”  –  Running Time: 3 hr, 7 min, 47 sec (Three Parts)

“Planning for Kids – Money for College, Trust Basics, Contingency Challenges”  –  Running Time: 1 hr, 6 min, 3 sec

“Wills and Estate Planning – The Key Questions All Couples Should Discuss” –  Running Time: 1 hr, 2 min, 34 sec

Annual Cost for Up to 6,000 Views of the Programs: $750

Example Two:

Company B has 1,600 employees, at all ages and income levels. It uses Employer Program Host to offer the entire PlainTalk Personal Planning library – five full length programs and ten mini programs – through its website. Employees and families may access valuable, understandable planning presentations when there’s a marriage, a graduation, a retirement, a need to do some estate planning, a new baby, a need to do some serious budgeting, and more.

Annual Cost for Up to 22,500 Program Views: $2,625.

Individual and Family Program Menu
  • Wills and Estate Planning – The Start-Up Questions All Couples Should Discuss Up Front – Running Time: 1 hr, 2 min, 34 sec
  • Planning for Kids – Money for College, Trust Basics, Contingency Challenges – Running Time: 1 hr, 6 min, 3 sec
  • Retired or Close? The Ten Tough Planning Questions – Running Time:1 hr, 25 min, 43 sec
  • Married – The Lowdown on Money and Marriage (Three Parts) – Running Time: 3 hr, 7 min, 47 sec
  • Graduating: Time to Talk Money (Two Parts) – Running Time: 2 hr, 27 min, 19 sec
Mini Programs
  • Can We Count on Social Security? Running Time 16 min, 54 sec
  • Basic Tax Information All Should Know – Running Time 26 min, 52 sec
  • Funding Future College Costs – Running Time 32 min, 25 sec
  • Developing a Smart Spending Plan – Running Time 27 min, 11 sec
  • Income Perspectives in Changing Times – Running Time 39 min, 23 sec
  • Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare Reform – Running Time 23 min, 15 sec
  • Probate – Try to Avoid or Not? Running Time 11 min, 49 sec
  • Becoming a Better Risk-Taker – Running Time 14 min, 9 sec
  • Advice from Others & Picking Experts – Running Time12 min, 30 sec
  • Estate Taxes – Need We Be Concerned? Running Time 24 min, 42 sec